The man behind Batman

Batman is a staple in the superhero industry. But who is the person who actually created The Bat Man?


By Alexander Loginov – 11th grade.

His stories of saving Gotham have been told many times throughout the decades. We know how Batman was created, but the idea of who created Batman was cloudy for many years.

Bob Kane has been thought as the sole creator of Batman. However, recently, the truth has been uncovered by a documentary called Bill & Batman, released in 2017. While he did have the original idea for Batman, it is not the hero we know and love today. That was the work of Bill Finger. Kane’s idea of a bat inspired hero was to give him a red suit with small wings on the back to slightly resemble a bat. When stumped on more ideas, Kane let Finger in on the idea.

Using his imagination, Finger came up with Batman’s true identity, and even instituted a suit redesign to give Batman a dark mysterious figure. The Dark Knight was also converted from a superhero to a detective, giving him a slightly more down to earth and realistic personality. Finger went even further and created the place where Batman fights crime; Gotham City. 

Stolen fame

Then begs the question, why was Kane credited as the sole creator for Batman? The answer was simple; he was an extreme extrovert, contrasting with Finger’s shy and nerdy personality. Kane had the ability to promote Batman and handle all of the praise that the hero got. He loved the public and the public loved him, while Finger was more fascinated in developing Batman as a hero in private. When Finger caught on and that Kane had stolen all the fame, Kane flatout rejected Finger’s claim, stating that he was the one and only creator of Batman. After signing a manipulative contract, it was out of the writer’s control. ‘‘Unfortunately, [the deal happened] because Bob Kane had the lawyer father, and Bill Finger was shy”, according to Arlen Schumer, a comic book historian.

Kane continued to hire writers and would take sole credit from them, maintaining his famed title of the creator of the vigilante until his death in 1998. Finger on the other hand died alone with no credit up until 2012, when a book called “Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman” came out, as well as “Batman and Bill”, a documentary based around a researcher fascinated by Finger’s involvement in the Dark Knight’s true creator. After the release of this new information, enough pressure was dealt to D.C. to give Finger and Kane credit for any movies and comic books from that point on, giving Bill the happy ending he deserved. 

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