The End of Neymar’s Reign

Neymar Jr., the famous Brazilian soccer player, claims he misunderstood about retiring. Are we sure, or is that a misunderstanding too? 

By Axel Szlasa/6th grade

Confederação Brasileira de Futebol

Neymar says he is going to retire after the 2022 World Cup. But the famous player himself doesn’t even know when he’s going to stop. “People talk a lot, and Neymar feels like they don’t understand him,” said Marquinhos, a teammate in the Brazilian national team and PSG. What do people not understand? Is there a big secret he is hiding? Neymar retiring is massive news to every sports magazine and every newspaper. Instantly, over 10 different sports magazines started writing about Neymar. His retirement is as important as who won the Super Bowl.

 This is a rare moment for someone who has had a career as long as his. “There is a long journey ahead of us before even thinking about the next World Cup. We need to remain calm and take things step by step.” Said Marquinhos. Finally, Neymar’s retirement would mean a lot to sports history and one less star would shine in the sky of soccer. 

 Neymar was born on the 5th of February 1992 in Mogi Das Cruces, in Brazil. He has had a very successful career at Santos, Barcelona, and PSG. Neymar has been Brazil’s 3rd best top goal scorer, yet PSG’s 9th best goal scorer of all time. These facts prove he is an amazing player, yet not PSG’s only superstar. Argentine Lionel Messi and French Kylian Mbappe are other stars on the team. He joined PSG in August 2017, and has scored 88 goals since. Neymar has been known for being constantly injured, and that is a reason some people don’t like him. He is even being trolled online for faking injuries. 

The end of Neymar’s glory

“Man, I think it will be my last World Cup” the soccer star said. Is Neymar finished?

By Daniel Serina/6th grade

Neymar jr. is a 29 year old footballer born in Brazil. Not long ago, he said “Man, I think it will be my last World Cup.” “I am facing it like the last world cup because I don’t know whether I will be able to, mentally, endure more football.”, he added. These words have confused people, and don’t understand if he is retiring or just it being his last world cup. But Neymar clarified: it will just be his last world cup. And he exclaimed “I will do everything possible to get there very well!

Neymar is a very skilled and talented player, but since he returned from his last Copa America in 2021, he got in worse shape. He’s now playing less well in his club Paris Saint-Germain. We expected him to be playing better with his buddy Messi, with whom he used to play with in FB Barcelona, but he isn’t. Instead his teammate Kylian Mbappe has been playing well with Messi. 

This season Neymar plays for the club Paris Saint-Germain and the national team of Brazil. When he was younger, he used to play for Santos FC and FC Barcelona. He scored a total of 261 goals, the second most goal scorer for Brazil after Pele, considered as the best football player of all time. Neymar scored 69 for Brazil, but Pele scored 77. Neymar made 110 assists and only had 3 red cards in his career. In the World Cup of 2018, he was criticised for exaggerating fouls. He also won the 2016 Olympics as the captain of the team.

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  1. Great articles Axel and Daniel!! I hope Neymar never retires, but maybe you guys will follow in his footsteps (cleatsteps?). 🙂


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