The Academy museum by the numbers

By Luke Mackenzie/11th grade

Photo by Joshua White
JWPictures/Academy Museum Foundation

The Motion Picture museum, located on Wilshire Boulevard in the commemorated May Company Building, was established on the 30th of April 2021. The first large-scale museum of its kind in the US, the Academy Museum has a collection of over thirteen million photographs, 250,000 film assets, over 70,000 screenplays, over 65,000 posters and over 135,000 pieces of production art spanning over the 93 years of the historical Academy’s existence.

Costing over 482 million dollars, the spectacular building has a 300,000 sq ft space including: a cafe, four floors of expeditions and a thousand seat theatre set to premier a multitude of films. The museum is predicted to have 2400 visitors a day and has 99 employees to provide for them. The museum costs $25 for access meaning that the museum is set to make up to $60,000 a day. With discounts for seniors, students and free for under 17s, the museum is accessible to the thousands of people that hope to learn of the history of film.

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