Our reporters

Luke Mackenzie, 2023

I like football, rugby and haggis.

Oliver Grouille, 2023

I like to read, cook and play football and rugby.

Sofia Moorefield, 2023 (designer of the Gazette logo)

I love to draw, write, and I hope to be an animator. 

Alexander Loginov, 2023

I love to work out, eat sushi, and I want to be a doctor.

Jasper Harvey, 2023

I love clothes and playing football, and I want to work in the film industry.

Catalina Haberman 2023

I am a culinarily inclined musician, and I want to be an educator one day. 

Chase Lo, 2027

I like learning about the truth.

Natalie Shipp, 2028

I love to write, to explore and I want to be a botanist or a photographer.

Ella Erez, 2027

I love reading, listening to music, and I want to be an author.

Frida Gerhardt, 2027

I love to play volleyball, to read and I want to be a film director. 

Axel Szlasa, 2028

I love football and geography.

Miku Moore, 2028

I love to play tennis and the guitar.

Daniel Serina, 2028

I have a passion for playing football and like to write articles.

Zayn Ghanem, 2027

J’adore les jeux vidéos et apprendre de nouvelles choses sur les sciences comme l’immunologie, la physique chimie et l’astronomie.

Guillaume Serina

A former international reporter for European media, I teach History-Geography and Economics, in addition of being the community outreach coordinator for the school. I love to cook pasta (and eat them), to play tennis and am a Bruce Springsteen fan.

One thought on “Our reporters

  1. Bravo pour cette gazette fort intéressante et très agréable à lire, c’est une belle équipe prometteuse de jeunes reporters! Très joli nouveau logo aussi! Et merci Mr Serina pour votre accompagnement!


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