The forgotten war of Yemen 

Throughout the several past years, there has been a terrible war going on in Yemen for different reasons. An under- reported news that LILA Gazette takes on.

Credit: Almigdad Mojalli/VOA/Wikicommons

By Melina Khorsandi and Veronica Sefrioui – 6th grade.

Yemen is located on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula with a population of almost 31 millions inhabitants. Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Ziyad (the starter of Ziyad dynasty) founded Yemen in around 818 CE. Its neighboring countries are Saudi Arabia and Oman. In the past, Yemen was known as “Happy Land”, and 99% of the population is Muslim, 65% of them are Sunni and 35% are Shia.

As the years have passed Yemen is now filled with death, sickness, and malnutrition due to the war that has been going on for almost 8 years. It originally started September 16, 2014. The attackers are Houthi rebels, and Saudi Arabia. The Yemen war started when there was “failure of a political process supposed to bring stability to Yemen following an uprising in 2011”, says BBC News. Unfortunately, the conflict intensified in 2021. 49 of Yemen’s districts were affected by “active front lines”. 

Many people are currently suffering the losses of their children, grandchildren, and parents. As of December 2021, 377,000 people have died in this terrible war (source CAAT), including more than 10,200 (according to UNICEF) of them are children that have fallen in this war, said 85,000 people died because of famine.

Led along the war, Yemen is also facing a food crisis with 20.1 million people. Nearly 2/3 of the population was needing food assistance at the beginning of 2020. Currently “19 million Yemenis food is unstable”, says the World Food Programme

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