A New Team for a Greener Community

At LILA, we care about the Earth and a whole student-led team is dedicated to implement new environmental and sustainable actions.

By Alexander Wayne – 12th grade.

The LILA Green Team after a clean up at Will Rogers State Beach, in October 2022. Instagram @lila.environment

While picking up trash on the beach on a cold, wet day and cleaning out compost bins may not seem like glorious work, it is something that must be done. The LILA Green Team focuses on creating projects around and outside the school that improves the environment.

The introduction of the Green Team into LILA is a symbol. More people are invested in the wellbeing of the school and the planet as a whole. “This year being better than ever, as there is more community spirit and involvement” says Ms. Ganley, the leader of the Green Team. 

Planet Earth is polluted to bits. According to the World Health Organization, 99% of people on Earth breathe air that exceeds the pollution standards of WHO guidelines. Around 7 million premature deaths occur annually due to this toxic air quality.

While air pollution is terrible for our health, trash pollution potentially has much more adverse effects on the environment. According to Recycle Coach, plastic production has increased over 200x in the past 65 years. In recent years, no more than 10% of total plastic has been recycled, leaving over 300 million tonnes of plastic a year scattered around the globe.

While LILA cannot possibly fix the world all by itself, we can do our part to make it a better place. So far, the Green Team has held multiple meetings and have organized beach clean ups, planted a tree, and set up compost bins around the school. Together, as a school, we can help keep our planet healthy!

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